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Terminated or Ceased Publication List of Journals

Any questions regarding the below titles should be directed to the appropriate publisher.

Adaptive Behavior
    Volumes 1-6:  MIT Press holds rights
    Volume 7 +: Society for Adaptive Behavior/Sage

American Journal of Bioethics
    All Rights: Taylor & Francis Group

American Journal of Health Economics
    Volumes 1-5:  MIT Press holds rights
    Volume 6 +: The University of Chicago Press

    Ceased publication after Issue 41
    MIT holds some rights

The Baffler
    All Rights: The Baffler Foundation

Biological Theory

    All Rights: Springer


    All Rights: Cell Press

Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science
    All Rights:  Dept of Computer Science, University of Chicago

Computational Psychiatry
    Volume 4 +: Ubiquity Press

Computing Systems: The Journal of the USENIX Association
    All rights: USENIX Association

Design Book Review
    Numbers 19-35/36: MIT Press
    Numbers 1-18, 37/38 +: Design Book Review, Berkeley, CA

Design Quarterly
    All rights: Walker Art Center

The Ecologist
    All rights: The Ecologist, England

The European Legacy
    All Rights: Taylor & Francis, UK

Harvard Architectural Review
    Numbers 1-4: MIT Press
    Number 5 +: LWA, Boston, MA

Harvard Design Magazine
    All rights: Harvard Design Magazine, Cambridge, MA

Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics
    All Rights: Sage Publications, Inc.

Information Technologies and International Development
    All Rights:  USC Annenberg School for Communication

International Journal of Robotics Research
    All Rights: Sage Publications, Inc.

International Journal of Supercomputer Applications & High Performance Computing
    All Rights: Sage Publications

International Organization
    Volumes 36-56: MIT Press
    Volumes 1-35; 57 +: Cambridge University Press

Journal of Architectural Education
    All Rights:  Blackwell Publishers, Inc.

Journal of Economics and Management Strategy
    All Rights:  Blackwell Publishers, Inc.

Journal of the European Economic Association
    All Rights:  Wiley-Blackwell

Journal of Functional and Logic Programming
    All Rights:  Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat Munster; Institut fur Wirtschaftsinformatik, Germany

Journal of Industrial Ecology
    All Rights:  Blackwell Publishers, Inc.

Journal of Machine Learning Research
    All Rights:  Microtome Publishing

Markup Languages: Theory and Practice
    Ceased Publication after Vol. 3:4; MIT holds various rights

Millbank Memorial Fund Quarterly/MMFQ/Health & Society
    All Rights:  Blackwell Publishing

    All Rights:  Concept Media Ltd, UK

Neurology & Clinical Neurophysiology
    All Rights:  American Academy of Clinical Neurophysiology, WI

Neurosciences Research Program Bulletin
    All Rights:  Neurosciences Research Foundation, NY

    All Rights:  Nautilus, New York, NY

    All Rights:  Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, NY


    Volumes 1-5: MIT Press
    Volumes 6+: Center for Environmental & Design Research, University of California, Berkeley

Psyche (print edition)
    All Rights:  Computer Science Department, Monash University, AUS

Quarterly Journal of Economics
    All Rights:  Oxford University Press

Real Estate Economics
    All Rights:  Blackwell Publishing, UK

Reflections: The SOL Journal
    Volumes 1-4: MIT Press

Science, Technology & Human Values
    All Rights:  Sage Publications, Inc.

Space and Society
    All Rights:  Editor, Giancarlo De Carlo, Milano, Italy

Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics
    All Rights:  The Berkeley Electronic Press

Terra Nova: Nature & Culture
    All Rights:  MIT Press; now a book series

Thesis Eleven: Interpreting Modernity
    All Rights:  Sage Publications, Ltd.

    All Rights:  Graduate School of Fine Arts, Architecture Department, University of Pennsylvania

The Washington Quarterly
    All Rights:  Routledge Journals

World Policy Journal
    All Rights:  Duke University Press

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